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Saturday, 04 February 2012 16:20

I've been doing research on tactical pens and pens in general for several months now. I feel I've slowly succumb to the intriguing complexity of pens. They vary in shape, size, weight, style, point size, and more. Which to choose?

I dislike it when a pen breaks or is lost before I've had a chance to use at least 75% of the ink. Some pens that I've found online are expensive, they write extremely well, and are very robust. However, let's face it, pens are easily lost on a regular basis and I'd be darned if I lost a $100 pen or had it stolen.

I've since found the best pen for my situation. The Pilot Better Retractable is a remarkable pen for my needs. I've outlined the pros and cons below.

Pilot Better Retractable


  • Metal pocket clip that does not deform from average use.
  • Ink flow is extremely smooth and allows fast writing with less cramping.
  • Body diameter is the average pen size which suits most people.
  • Has greater value because it's slightly more expensive than other expensive "subpar" pens.
  • Retractable clicking mechanism is smooth and soft however maybe too soft for most people.
  • Retractable for quick deployment and professional one-handed use. No caps to lose.
  • The pen is capable of writing extremely small font which allows for more text on page.


  • Plastic body does not handle above average abuse. I'd prefer aluminum for heavy duty uses.
  • The attachment of the metal clip to the body of the pen is plastic which may cause the clip to break off anyway. The clip mount should be metal just like the clip.
  • There is no option for extra fine or ultra fine. Something around .30mm would be excellent.
  • Slightly more expensive even when ordering it through local vendors.
  • Not easily found in stores which must be ordered.



I let two friends have an extra pen and they both loved it. They've been using it on a daily basis ever since. One even wanted to know where to buy it because he is left-handed and the pen wrote smoothly while not smearing.

The Pilot Better Retractable pen will be a long time favorite of mine. I'm so happy that they sell them in boxes of 12. The pen rates above average in every category especially the ones that I require.





0 # PensHoang Le 2012-03-27 15:30
You convinced me to buy a box. I'll let you know how it is. Thanks!
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0 # Update: Pilot PensHoang Le 2012-06-03 21:28
I've been writing with this pen for about a month. It's still writing smooth like the day I first put this pen onto paper. I haven't finished a pen yet because I keep losing them.
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